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Flows by Jacqueline

Vinyasa Yoga & Chair Yoga
200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher
60 hour Advanced Chair Yoga Instructor 



Welcome to the Flows by Jacqueline community!


Yoga has many physical and mental benefits. It has been proven to increase bone density, mobility, flexibility and strength. It can also improve coordination, help relieve pain and stiffness, and reduce stress.


Rolf Gates once said, "Yoga is not a work-out; it is a work-in." This is one of my favorite quotes about yoga. It reminds me that my yoga practice is an opportunity to check in with myself physically, mentally,  and emotionally. I invite you to do the same as we flow together!

In my classes, I strive to create a safe and accessible environment for anyone who wishes to join. Anyone can practice yoga! Please feel free to contact me at with questions or concerns. I would love to hear from you!

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Why Online Yoga Might be Right For You

You might be wondering, "why should I do yoga online?"

While I love doing yoga in a studio, there are many benefits to creating a home practice. These are just a few:

1) You're comfortable! Every aspect of your practice space can be to your liking. You can use all your props. You can take up as much space as you want!


2) The instructor is doing the flow with you. If you have questions or concerns about poses or health restrictions, please email me and we can meet  before class to do a short consultation!

3) Practice what you want, when you want. This is your practice - you can keep your video on or off, depending on your preference, and as always, it's up to you which poses you choose to increase or decrease the intensity for.

"I have taken a lot of yoga classes from many different teachers through the years and Jacqueline is by far my favorite. Her classes are really well put together, always have a good flow, and her overall instruction is hands down the best I have ever experienced. I can't recommend her enough." 


"Jacqueline is a fabulous yoga teacher. Her instructions are very clear and her modifications make it easy for students of all levels to participate. Her classes are the best  I’ve ever taken!"


"My husband and I have been regular participants in the Vinyasa classes for almost 2 years. Each class varies and is thoughtfully presented in a way that anyone with or without experience can participate. The health benefits and sense of well being we feel from doing yoga with Jacqueline make the classes definitely worth our time."


“Jacqueline is an incredible yoga teacher! Even though I began her classes without much experience, I always felt welcome and capable. With her classes and expertise I have improved my flexibility, balance, and strength. I love her classes, and her music selections always create a fun vibe that makes the class whiz by”

Kathy A, Washington


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